Salvador & Filhos is a company specialising in various types of embroidery.
We use the most modern textile technology to make perfect embroidery work for different types of customers.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the art of creating - by hand or by machine - designs and decorative figures or logos on all kinds of material, as long as it is possible.  It uses various types of tools, consumables, accessories, and technology, cotton, polyester, burmilana, metal, metal tinged and tinged lines, so that the final result is the best possible.

Types of embroidery

Salvador & Filhos creates the following types of embroidery works:

Our vast expertise in embroidery, our dedication, and our obsession with perfection has enabled us to provide various types of services for different quadrants of society, such as for bikers, boy/girl scouts, students, and companies.
Here, we highlight some examples of our work.