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100% Polyester

Machine embroidering thread with a shiny look. Thanks to its robust features it can be applied in any area. Manufactured in top quality trilobal polyester. A special and innovative manufacturing process confers this embroidering thread excellent quality features. This thread is characterized by its silky shine and flexibility, along with excellent malleability and colour steadiness, enabling obtaining fabulous results. This thread is chlorine and high-temperature resistant. Ideal for textiles subject to greater wear and tear (work, sports and children’s clothing).

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100% Viscose

To obtain the best results, the embroidered items should be washed at 60º C, using a non-aggressive detergent without chemical additives, such as whiteners. Wash with water thoroughly before spinning and drying. Never leave a moist embroidered item folded or pressed. Always iron inside-out or with a cloth on top in order to avoid the embroidered work’s direct contact with the iron. Washing at 95ºC Given the superior quality of the Rheingold Rayon line, it can be washed at up to 95ºC, as long as the detergent used does not contain whitening agents (such as peroxide, chlorine, etc.).

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