Have your embroidery work last your entire life! Learn how to protect your embroidered textiles

Follow the washing, drying and ironing instructions on the textile labels. If you do not know the meaning of the symbols on the clothing and textile labels, see some examples here:

Washing synthetics (low agitation)

Washing wool

(very low agitation)

Do not wash

Hand wash only
(max. temp. 40º)

Do not iron

Iron at no more than 110º

Iron at no more than 150º

Iron at no more than 200º

Bleaching allowed, only cold and diluted

Do not use bleach

Machine wash at moderate temperature

Do not use dryer

Flat dry

Drip dry

Line dry

Dry cleaning with mineral essences

Gifts you can never forget

If you are one of those people that when Christmas or birthdays come up, despairs because you never know what gift to give your friends, family members or even customers, here are some examples of embroidered gifts:

  • For babies – give them an embroidered bib with the baby’s name or an attractive design.
  • For young couples – given them customised trousseau items.
  • For close family members – give them embroidered pictures with family photos.
  • For customers – give them useful gifts, such as beautiful embroidered beach towels with your company’s logo. That way, even during moments of leisure, your customers will remember your company!

Salvador & Filhos does this and other types of embroidery works! Send us your idea / suggestion or image. It will be our pleasure to create unique embroidery for you!