Banner Flags

Flags are more than 3000 years old. In remote times, they consisted of applying fabric over fabric with different colours. Thus, originated the first tribal, military, and religious organization, and more recently, political organization banners.
As time evolved, new techniques were developed for flag manufacturing. Currently, with laser embroidery machines it is possible to attain a perfect logo. Salvador & Filhos developed a system that enables embroidering 1.20m by 0.90m. If the customer wants a bigger size embroidery work, we can also do so. Previously, logos were designed on fabric, embroidered and cut using scissors.
At Salvador & Filhos we develop work more quickly and at the best market price. Flags may be manufactured in satin, nylon, terylene or velvet, and can be printed or embroidered.

The embroidered flags or banners make any organisation or institution that uses them nobler.