Salvador & Filhos is a company specialising in embroidery works. Our market goes beyond Portuguese boarders. We do the following types of embroidery for companies and / or private customers:

  • Industrial embroidery: we do various types of embroidery for companies in the textile industry, such as the embroidery of garments (jeans, jerseys, uniforms, etc.).
  • Tailored embroidery: dwe do tailored embroidery work for professional or private customers. Send us your suggestion! We can embroider your idea on various types of applications: sheets, towels, pillows, trousers, pictures, company merchandise, badges, pennants, etc.
  • Customised trousseaux: We will totally customise your trousseau. We embroider bath, bed or table sets with your initials, your photo or any other image.
  • Embroidery files: for embroidering companies that do not have their own software, we can create embroidery files which we provide on diskette.
  • Additional Services: Shipment/Reception, Packaging and Quality Control.

Check out our portfolio and see the photo gallery with some of our works.

Embroidery works for all activities

Salvador & Filhos’ vast experience in embroidery enables working and customising embroidery works for different types of sectors:

  • Craftworks and Regional Items - We create and embroider typical Portuguese craftwork.
  • Academic associations - We embroider badges and pennants on academic attire. We can embroider any type of image on badges.
  • Fire Departments - We embroider fire department logos on their uniforms.
  • Embroidery and Openworks – We do all types of embroidery, including for companies in the same sector of activity as our own!
  • Advertising and Promotional Gifts - We embroider all types of promotional gifts.
  • Town Halls - We embroider pennants with the image of the cities, banner flags, etc.
  • Biker Clubs - We embroider and customise jackets, caps, etc. for biker clubs, with the requested information, logos or images of saints.
  • Children and baby garments - We embroider lettering, designs and pictures on baby and children’s clothing: sheets, bibs, bedspreads, coats, sweaters, etc.
  • Men and Women’s garments - We embroider various types of clothing: jeans, t-shirts, blazers, coats, skirts, etc.
  • Curtains and Valences - We embroider your curtain and valence collection with the embroidery work you choose.
  • Boy/Girl Scouts – We embroider Scouts’ uniforms with their respective logos.
  • Beauticians - We embroider your logo on your towels, sheets, slippers, etc.
  • Stylists – We customise your creation with the type of embroidery that you prefer.
  • Uniforms - We embroider logos or other images on various types of textile materials.
  • Hotels and Restaurants – We customise your textiles and uniforms with embroidery.
  • Senior Citizen Homes - We embroider all types of textiles used at senior citizen homes.
  • Lingerie – We embroider lingerie collections.
  • Haberdashery – We customise your haberdashery with various types of embroidery.
  • Home textiles – We embroider sheets, kitchen cloths, table linens, bath towels, etc.

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