Salvador & Filhos, Lda - Confecções Bordados e Obras Têxteis Lar has been operating in the market for 44 years and is headquartered in Vilar Seco - Nelas.
Since it has been in the market, it has adopted a strategy grounded on the quality of the articles it manufactures, as well as on customer satisfaction.  This fact has distinguished it throughout all these years.
Insofar as sales, the company focuses on home textiles, embroidery, acrylic trophies and embroidery files. It covers the domestic, as well as the international market.
For more information on Salvador & Filhos, read the interview granted by the company’s founder - Mr Álvaro Salvador.


We strive to offer quality services and top-notch, highly creative and differentiated home textiles, surpassing all our customer’s expectations. We are always seeking to upgrade work processes and methods, investing in technology and in the professional capacity of our employees.

Be one of Salvador & Filhos, Lda’s customers, adding value to your business, like many of our customers who believe in our work and grow along with us.


1.       In what year was Salvador & Filhos founded?

Salvador & Filhos was founded in 1973. At the time, its main activity was the manufacturing of home textiles.

2.       Currently, what are the main activities developed by Salvador & Filhos?

Salvador & Filhos currently assumes itself as a company specialising in embroidery. As I said, initially, our main activity focused on home textiles. Then, we began to expand into embroidery, flags, file plotting, and acrylic trophies.

3.       What does the Cristo Rei brand represent?

The Cristo Rei brand represents all our products: bed sets, bath sets, table linens, industrial embroidery, badges, customised embroidery of work clothes, etc.

4.       Are your embroidery services more geared towards the final customer or towards the corporate market?

Salvador & Filhos’ textiles and embroidery services are requested both by companies (textile industry factory units, companies wagering on merchandising), as well as (students, bikers, etc.) associations and even the final consumer (such as, for example, people that want us to embroider trousseaux).

5.       What type of embroidery does Salvador & Filhos do for other companies?

We also resell embroidery for other companies, mainly when the latter do not have the response capacity or the technological development that Salvador & Filhos possesses: files for embroidery machines with state of the art top-of-the-line software.

6.       And for private customers?

For private customers, we produced all the types of embroidery works which are requested of us.

7.       Who are Salvador & Filhos’ main customers?

 We do not have main customers. Our production is distributed throughout various customers (factories and home textile and embroidery companies, student associations, biker associations, final customers, etc.). We do not depend on one or two customers.

8.       What differentiates Salvador & Filhos’ embroidery works from its competitors?

Our difference relative to our competitors is related to our quality and timeliness (immediate delivery deadlines), to our good business relationship with our customers, as well as to the customisation of work clothes and advertising for companies, students, biker clubs, associations, etc.

9.       What does the future hold for Salvador & Filhos?

The future holds innovation and technology. We want to have the most modern embroidery technology to ensure the quality of our products, as well as customer satisfaction.